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The Advantages of Using NAP for Grab Hire in Abingdon

NAP Grab Hire Ltd provide cost-effective waste management services in Abingdon and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas. We are based in Southmoor with a large collection of six and eight-wheel grab truck and grab lorry vehicles. Each one of our vehicles can hold large amounts of building waste, such as top soil and concrete. Our fully licensed team is qualified to carry out muck away services and can efficiently remove any building, green, muck and mixed waste from construction sites in Abingdon.


As suppliers of high-quality aggregates, we can also deliver large amounts of crushed concrete, top soil and all other forms of aggregate to locations in Abingdon and the surrounding areas. Our grab truck and grab lorry vehicles contain leading-edge weighting systems, which can calculate strict measurements. This ensures clients receive the precise amount of top soil, or other forms of aggregate, needed for their Abingdon site.



Why use NAP Grab Hire Ltd’s Grab Hire services?


Fast and Efficient Removal


Grab hire is a quick way of removing unwanted waste from domestic or commercial sites in Abingdon. Grab lorry and grab truck vehicles can hold over twice the amount a standard skip can, making it an excellent alternative to skip hire. There is no need for a permit like there is when using a roadside skip; simply contact the NAP Grab Hire Ltd team to have a grab truck dispatched to your Abingdon location at a time convenient to you. We offer same-day and next-day grab hire for your muck away and waste management needs.


Ability to Manage Large Quantities of Waste


NAP Grab Hire Ltd provide Abingdon clients with the hassle-free removal of large volumes of waste. On average, a six-wheel grab truck has the capacity to hold 13.5 tonnes of waste and an eight-wheel grab lorry 18 tonnes. This makes grab hire ideal for clients requiring large-scale muck away services, or for those in need of high quantities of top soil and other forms of aggregate delivered to a construction site.


Ability to Reach Tricky Areas


A grab lorry or grab truck can easily remove waste from hard-to-reach Abingdon sites. It can be parked alongside an obstruction, such as a wall or fence, and used to clear up waste from the otherwise inaccessible area. Grab lorries use a hydraulic arm, with a potential reach of up to 6m, and a bucket that is controlled by one of our qualified crane operators, to remove or deposit top soil or other waste.




NAP Grab Hire Ltd provide competitive prices to clients across Abingdon and the wider Oxfordshire region. Hiring a grab lorry or grab truck saves time and money, allowing other areas of construction to go ahead. We competently carry out muck away, top soil delivery or any other waste services required. Just as importantly, money can be saved when grab hire is used as an alternative to skip hire. This is especially true when you consider the additional cost of extra skips if you miscalculate the size of your original waste removal load.



Where Does Unwanted Waste Go?


At NAP Grab Hire Ltd, we have our own waste transfer station in Abingdon for processing removed loads. Aggregates, top soil and all other forms of unwanted waste are transported by a grab lorry directly to our Abingdon site. Here, the waste can be screened, processed and organised for recycling by our dedicated team of professionals. On completion, recycled top soil and aggregates can be sent out on another grab truck and delivered to construction sites and landscaping projects in Abingdon and all other Oxfordshire areas.



Interested in grab hire services or have an enquiry about any of the services we offer in Abingdon? Call us today on 01865 820 170.