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Aggregate Suppliers for Oxford and the Wider Oxfordshire Area

Searching for aggregate suppliers serving Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area? Look no further. We are able to provide all sorts of high quality aggregates, including crushed concrete and top soil, available for purchase in any quantity you’d like!


On this page we’ve provided some information on the types of aggregate we sell. Give us a call to make an order. We will transport the aggregates to you via one of our grab hire trucks or lorries, and can arrange a delivery time any day of the week, whenever is most convenient for you.



Our Quality and Affordable Aggregates



Very common and widely used. Our aggregate suppliers near Oxford supply domestic, commercial and industrial clients with crushed stone, stone paving units and even walling blocks. We stock basalts, granites, limestones, quartzite’s and everything in between. So be sure to give us a call if you require any quantity of stone delivered to the Oxfordshire area.



Hardcore refers to any solid, crushed material that is used as fill in construction work. While there are many firms in and around Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area who sell poor quality hardcore that lacks any practical use, our aggregate suppliers sell high quality hardcore in the form of crushed concrete. Crushed concrete is a quality hardcore that, unlike many of its contemporaries, can be relied upon as a great choice of fill in many different situations.



We have an in-house screening machine to remove large stones, plant roots, leaves and clay from top soil. This leaves us with a soil that is rich in nutrients and perfect for general landscaping, garden renovation, flower beds and lawns. We have a range of different types of topsoil, from 3mm to 10mm. If you’re in Oxford, or elsewhere in wider Oxfordshire and need top soil for any reason, give us a call.


Building Sand

Finer than traditional forms of sand, building sand is specially adapted to make it suitable for the preparation of mortars and similar construction materials. Some varieties have higher concentrations of clays and irons, granting them slightly different properties. For example, high clay content building sand has a distinctive red colouring. Many construction firms around Oxfordshire count on us as their main suppliers of building sand.



Typically, ballast is a mixture of gravel and small stone with sand, course granular stone or a general fill material made up of crushed gravel, slag and rock. We have general-purpose ballast available, but if you’d like a specific type of ballast, let us know. Our aggregate suppliers will be more than happy to create something to your specifications.



Gravels can be made up of nearly any type of rock. They can be rounded, when sourced from a marine climate, or angular when quarried. Some consist of uniform size rocks, while others have a mix of sizes. Common gravels include the 10mm crushed sandstone variety, and 25mm beach variety.



Plainings are an aggregate produced by a cold milling machine, which removes the surface layer of a road or footpath. Our Oxfordshire clients have used road plainings for building sub-bases, driveway-bases and hard-standings.



This term usually refers to a mixed gravel consisting of various types of pebbles. Shingle is often used by homeowners near Oxford creating home-made DIY concretes.



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