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Top Soil Suppliers in Bicester, Didcot, Witney and Oxfordshire

NAP Grab Hire Ltd are leading suppliers and removers of top soil in Oxfordshire. We supply high-quality top soil, ideal for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial uses. Based in Southmoor, we can easily reach clients in Bicester, Didcot, Witney and anywhere else in the Oxfordshire region. We also provide proficient muck away services. Our grab lorry vehicles have the capacity to clear away large volumes of top soil and unwanted waste.



What Is Top Soil Used For?


Top soil is the upper surface layer of soil that is loosely compacted and made up of broken down rocks, clay, sand and organic matter. Once screened and rocks and weeds have been removed, it is an incredibly nutrient-rich substance and can be used for a range of purposes by Oxfordshire clients. Whether you’re a homeowner with a garden in Bicester, a site manager with a commercial construction project in Didcot, or a local authority with a sports field in Witney, top soil can be used for all types of gardening and construction applications.


Here are some examples of the most common uses for topsoil:


Building and Improving Garden Lawns

Constructing Sports Pitches

General Landscaping

Creating Flower Beds

Garden Renovation

Vegetable Growing


No matter what the requirement, NAP Grab Hire Ltd are happy to deliver top soil to gardeners, landscaping companies, construction sites and any other locations in Bicester, Didcot, Witney and the surrounding Oxfordshire region.



Premium Quality Top Soil


NAP Grab Hire Ltd provide the best quality top soil to Oxfordshire clients. Our top soil meets BS3882 British Standard compliancy and is processed by an in-house screening machine at our own waste management site in Abingdon. Our expert team uses the machine to remove large roots, stones and other unwanted contaminants, such as weeds and glass, from top soil. This ensures the top soil you receive is safe, nutrient-rich and free from impurities.


We supply a range of different types of top soil. Choose either premium-grade top soil, general-purpose top soil or economy-grade top soil, from 3mm to 10mm. Contact us at any time to discuss top soil options. We happily offer advice on the types of top soil best suited to your project. Our grab lorry vehicles allow us to transport large amounts of quality top soil to any location in Bicester, Didcot, Witney or elsewhere in Oxfordshire.



Fast and Efficient Top Soil Removal


NAP Grab Hire Ltd carry out top soil, muck away and other unwanted waste removals from domestic, commercial and industrial sites. We have a large fleet of six-wheel and eight-wheel grab lorry and grab truck vehicles. Each vehicle can hold over 10 tonnes of top soil and uses a hydraulic arm and bucket system to easily remove unwanted top soil and muck away waste. Much faster than shovels and skips, a grab lorry can be dispatched to your Bicester, Didcot, Witney or Oxfordshire location on a same-day or next-day basis.


Our waste removal and muck away services are undertaken quickly and efficiently by trained professionals. Once top soil has been removed from your site, it is transported to our Abingdon yard to be screened and processed. Recycled top soil can be resold in secondary form and delivered to sites in Oxfordshire, thus reducing the need and demand for freshly-quarried materials and similar primary aggregates.


Contact NAP Grab Hire Ltd today on 01865 820 170 for the safe removal or supply of top soil. We help clients in Bicester, Didcot, Witney and the wider Oxfordshire region.